The Ateneo Internationalization for Mindanao Office hosted a hybrid International Learning Session on “Music as Creation and Destruction in Lewis and Tolkien” on 23 November 2022. At the helm of the discussion is Dr. David J. Kendall, international visiting lecturer from La Sierra University, California, USA. The learning session hosted participants who joined via Zoom as well as attended in person at the newly inaugurated Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium at the ADDU Jacinto Campus. As lead discussant, Dr. Kendall was joined by a reactor from the School of Arts and Sciences, Mr. John Harvey D. Gamas, M.A.

The learning session explored the worldbuilding in CS Lewis’ Narnia and JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings through the lens of musicology and comparative literature. It highlighted the powerful role of music in both mythologies, effectively validating the place of Lewis and Tolkien in the literary canon of high fantasy.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our participants who joined us in person at the Bapa Benny Tudtud Auditorium, as well as those who hail from other parts of the world and subscribed to the learning session via Zoom video conference.