International Service-Learning Program

The International Service-Learning Program (IS-LP) is implemented in partnership with the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF), whose advocacy is closely aligned with the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU)’s mission of social involvement and community engagement. It is a 4-week immersion program with the values of service-learning at its core. The duration of the program includes an orientation, formation sessions for reflection and sharing, workshops, and immersion among a local indigenous communities in Mindanao.

The International S-LP is available as a credit and non-credit program, offered twice a year, during international students’ winter and summer breaks. The program is a product of bilateral agreements between AIM and its international partners which would then dictate the parameters of credit transfer.

The program is designed to align the international students’ course of study with the local partner communities’ needs. With the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm as its framework, the International Service-Learning Program opens up opportunities for international students to be in service of their shared advocacies with the local partner communities. There is a richness in learning from each other while being immersed in a new culture.


Service-Learning Asia Network (SLAN)

This year, Ateneo de Davao University is serving as the Secretariat and host of the 10th Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRCSL).

The Service-Learning Asia Network (SLAN) aims to promote common interests and networks related to student exchanges, faculty research, curriculum development, and program evaluation among colleges and universities interested in Service-Learning in Asia. SLAN members collaborate to share ideas for advancing Service-Learning in the region and actively encourage cross-national partnerships.



The Ateneo Internationalization for Mindanao (AIM) Office, in partnership with the Arrupe Office of Social Formation, presents the International Electronic Service-Learning Program (IES-LP) as the online equivalent of its International Service-Learning Program. This virtual program is a 4-week global experiential and formative opportunity under the service-learning framework.


Enrich the IES-LP students’ academic knowledge and further understanding of their course of study as it becomes more grounded in service of others and contextualized in practical settings

Provide intercultural and transnational dialogues and encounters through active online engagement and participation

Foster mutual understanding, global citizenship, and community involvement through addressing the social needs of local communities in Mindanao

Gonô Bong Tëkuy: Our Common Home, Our Common Humanity (Meaningful Mindanawon Encounters in Service-Learning) - Discovery Camp

This August, with the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP), ADDU will be hosting the Discovery Camp with the service-learning framework entitled: Gonô Bong Tëkuy: Our Common Home, Our Common Humanity (Meaningful Mindanawon Encounters in Service-Learning).

The program is with specific emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) for Quality Education (4), Climate Action (13), and for Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16). These are SDGs that are focal advocacies of ADDU when it comes to student formation and the multicultural context of Mindanao. 

Gonô Bong Tëkuy is a Tboli word that literally means “our big home.” We hope for the participants to share in the deep feeling as they encounter the multicultural nature of Mindanao. While they are discovering new aspects of a different culture, they will also be able to experience the program as something revelatory of their own realities and their own hopes for their community, as well as the universality of the values we share for peacebuilding and compassion as human beings. This program invites the participants to pursue peace, quality education, and climate action for our common home and humanity.

Program Overview

For four weeks, the participants will venture on a journey across Mindanawon history wherein they will explore the region’s rich cultural heritage, its experience of historical injustices and years of marginalization, and of course, its well-earned road to peace. The program will allow the participants to meet the peoples of Mindanao (i.e. Islamic and non-Islamic Indigenous Peoples and the migrant settlers). They will also be encouraged to engage in a culture of encounter rather than a culture of indifference and will be provided with the learning opportunities of peace education. From a wider perspective, the program invites the participants to perceive the links between climate action and conflicts and, therefore, peacebuilding.

Download Program Overview here

Program Components

Framework and Structure

The service-learning framework references the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm in fostering holistic learning that is fully contextualized and critical of its learning premise; rooted in experience and inspires both cognitive and personal involvement; deepened by reflection and a search for meaning; made truly impactful as the learning inspires action, and is reinforced by in-depth evaluation.

Aside from that, the program is structured with the Design Thinking process, where the participants will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attributes for collaborative problem solving of complex real-world challenges. To cultivate output-based collaboration, the program has prepared design thinking tools to be shared with the participants.

Online Learning Format

The program is conducted virtually in both its service and formation components. The online format provides participants with avenues for distance collaboration and remote service immersion. The synchronous sessions are to be conducted via Zoom video conference. E-learning materials, online resources, and tools are curated and accessible in the Google Classroom.


Eligible Applicants
  1. Enrolled undergraduates of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  2. Have taken at least three (3) semesters with the partner HEI (i.e. home institution).
  3. Is fluent in English oral and written communication.
  4. Committed to participate in the virtual service-learning program experience



We are pleased to invite participants to its 2022 International Electronic Service-Learning – Discovery Camp.

We extend this invitation to higher education institutions in partnership, in the hopes of sharing this special service-learning program.


Step 1

nomination form

To be filled out and submitted by either the Head of the International Office or Social Formation Office or an Administrator of your Higher Education Institution (HEI).

Students are not eligible to apply directly, there must be a formal nomination from their academic institution. Participating HEIs should fill out the necessary information in the nomination form and submit it to

[Name of Institution] IES-LP Discovery Camp (August 2022) – Nomination
Addressed to:
Mr. Romulo Vinci R. Bueza
Ateneo Internationalization for Mindanao Office
Ateneo de Davao University

Step 2

Applicant Requirements

Once the students are listed and the nomination form is submitted, the student nominees must complete individually the following requirements:

A. Fill out the Profile Form

B. Upload Student Transcript Of Records (TOR) in the Profile Form

Submit the TOR of all previously completed semesters (Online copy of TOR is accepted).

C. Upload a 2-3 minute Video Application in the Profile Form

Guide questions:
  • Brief introduction about yourself (Mention your course, your age, and your general background).
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why are you interested in this program?
  • Tell us about your intercultural/interreligious encounters/immersions that you experienced.


Dar Al-Uloom Wal-Hikmah, Inc.

Tamontaka, Cotabato City, Philippines

Tboli Sbù Senior High School

Montil, Lamdalag, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College

Poblacion, Datu Paglas, Maguindanao, Philippines

Mabini Elementary School

Purok 4, Mabini, Tubajon, Dinagat Islands, Philippines


Beginning from the first day, everything is new and very inspiring to me. Although we come from different cultures and backgrounds, all the hosts, speakers, and participants are so humble and open-[minded].

I realize that we all have the same ultimate desire, that is to be peaceful.


October 2020 cycle Participant

Live a life not of ignorance but with purpose in your existence―this is what I think could embody the learning I acquired during my IES-LP journey that I want to share.

I also learned that attaining peace could be a purpose and that once you become aware of the stories of reality, you should not ignore them because, as part of humanity, we are responsible for making the world a better space to live in. With the wisdom and friendship that this program fosters and is continuing to nurture, I was reminded to care more for others, appreciate life, and find a purpose to continue these things.


November 2021 cycle Participant

We are grateful for the opportunity to let our students immerse with other people with diverse backgrounds because, as we all know, we are quite confined within our place, having very minimal to no exposure to people who have different beliefs and other races. So, this is a very meaningful experience for our students and our school.


Academic Coordinator, Dar Al-Uloom Wal- Hikmah, Inc., Cotabato City, Philippines

IES-LP on the Document on Human Fraternity

(November 2021 Cycle)

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IES-LP on Peacebuilding in Mindanao

(April 2021 Cycle)

IES-LP on Peacebuilding in Mindanao

(October 2020 Cycle)

ADDU and UMAP virtual Discovery Camp: Meaningful Mindanawon Encounters in Service-Learning for our Common Home and Humanity

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ADDU and UMAP welcome participants all over Asia to the virtual Discovery Camp with the service-learning framework and UN SDGs for Quality Education, Climate Action, and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

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ADDU and OPAPRU create space for Virtual Service-Learning Towards Human Fraternity among local and international participants and partner Mindanawon communities

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ADDU and OPAPP welcome local and international participants to Hábi: Service-Learning towards Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together

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MOA signing between OPAPP and ADDU to formalize the partnership for the implementation of the “Our Bangsamoro: Living and Learning Together in Peace and Fraternity” Project

Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation, and Unity Secretary Carlito G. Galvez, Jr. and Rev. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J., President of the Ateneo de Davao University, sign today the Memorandum of Agreement between the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace...

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