Extracurricular Programs for International students

The Ateneo Internationalization for Mindanao (AIM) Office is in charge of the immigration and admission services for the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU)’s international students. But in tandem with these services, the AIM Office also promotes sui generis leadership and holistic development among the young servant leaders of Mindanao through various extracurricular activities. 



It is a two-day leadership camp with sessions that thematically references the Bisaya word for ‘camaraderie.’ This theme is realized through intercultural dialogue, with sessions that introduce Mindanao history and further contextualize leadership that is invested in and actually shares the Mindanawon people’s stories, hopes, and aspirations. This year’s Panag-uban features topics on Appreciating Mindanao: History and Context and Sui generis: Leadership the Ateneo Way. The camp will be on 01-02 April 2023.


Build camaraderie, strong bonds, and unity among international students through workshops and team-building activities

Foster appreciation and respect for diverse cultures and backgrounds among international students

Have a deeper understanding and realization of Mindanao’s context and history

Develop a stronger involvement towards the Ateneo community and Mindanao

Instill confidence and core value of becoming leaders for Mindanao


A resource speaker or lecturer will present to the plenary the learning concepts relative to the theme of the leadership camp (e.g. Mindanao, sui generis leadership, global citizenship, etc.). This may be considered a traditional teaching approach, but it is also an effective way of imparting knowledge to the audience. Moreover, lecturers are encouraged to use different strategies to make their discussions engaging and interactive. After every lecture, there will be an open forum.


Lecture sessions are conducted to give context to the speaker’s topic. Afterward, there will be discussion sessions wherein participants are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts; participants can also ask questions or clarifications on the points raised. Participants are invited to be as creative and engaging as they can in applying concepts and knowledge learned throughout the lectures. 

Open Space

A roster of resource speakers is invited for a meaningful encounter through dialogue with the participants. It is an open space created for a thorough appreciation of the stories and experiences of every participant.

Team building

Learning outcomes are well-defined and incorporated through actual practice using games. It creates an exciting, motivating, and fun-learning environment among participants.

Teambuilding encourages collaboration among participants. Team members practice their skills in critical thinking, particularly in answering problem-solving cases and puzzles. They could also improve their ability of communication and sportsmanship. Another fun-filled and adventurous activity awaits the participants. 

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