International Programs for Adult Learning

The Ateneo de Davao Academy of Lifelong Learning (ADD-ALL) is an open academy that offers short non-degree courses for adult learners. It establishes learning as a continuous and lifelong process through three (3) tracks: Continuing Individual Development (CID), Continuing Academic Development (CAD), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The ADD-ALL promotes the personal development and professional growth of adult learners by administering courses delivered in partnership with professionals who serve as class instructors.

ADD-ALL’s International Programs, therefore, are an extension of their local course offerings that integrate international exposure and global learning. ADD-ALL International Programs are therefore available to partners abroad who are interested in working together for adult education and lifelong learning.

The ADD-ALL International Programs aim to:

  • Collaborate with international partners in generating personal development or professional development courses for the adult learners;
  • Expand the horizons of adult learning as it incorporates mechanisms of internationalization; and
  • Foster an environment of mutual learning both for the local adult learners and international guest instructors.

The ADD-ALL International Programs are available under the Continuing Individual Development (CID) track. These are courses for personal development. It is categorized into thematic themes or specializations on: 

  1. Arts and Design
  2. Culture and Language
  3. Business and Finance
  4. Technology
  5. Music and Dance
  6. Health and Well-being
  7. Communication
  8. Management

The ADD-ALL International Programs are available as one or a combination of the following two (2) formats: Inbound and Outbound. 

Inbound Program 

This program invites guest instructors from partner international institutions to conduct classes in ADDU. The courses offered consist of lectures and practical classes to spark shared learning experiences and skills. The component of these courses are presented through a form traditional face-to-face learning, online learning, or blended learning (a combination of traditional and online learning).  

Outbound Program

This program involves trips and tours to other countries. The class will take an exposure trip where the partner institution will host the immersion and navigate the global learning aspect of the tour.  Some examples of these international programs are ADD-ALL’s course on Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture with an educational trip to Jinjiang and Xiamen, China, and the Design and Travel Tour in Italy in partnership with School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA) Design Institute.  


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