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The Second Cycle of UMAP Program A&B 2020-2 for Spring 2021 Student Exchange

Thank you for your interest in the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) student exchange programs.

Eligibility for Program A & B

1. Only those students whose universities/institutions have participated in this program are eligible to apply to other participating universities/institutions. Ateneo de Davao University undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

2. You must be a student currently enrolled in one of Participating universities/institution (in your case, ADDU) and at the time of completion of the study abroad, you must still be a student of that university/institution. If you graduate from your university/institution before the end of the program, you will not be eligible to apply.

3. A maximum of two (2) students can be nominated by each university/institution (ADDU) per semester.

4. Students are eligible for acceptance should they meet the grade, English proficiency, and degree requirements posed by the host institution they are applying for.

Application Procedures for Programs A & B

We ask that ADDU students to discern well on which Program they are signing up into. Program B will require students to pay a tuition fee in their host institution, while Program A works with the tuition fee you already paid your home institution which is ADDU. You can study the distinctions between these two programs through this link: http://umap.org/programs/#program-a_b 

Meanwhile, you can sign up for Program C so long as you carefully study its premise: http://umap.org/programs/#program-c

To apply, the following steps need to be completed by 21 September 2020:

1. REGISTRATION – Visit the USCO website and create a student account by registering your ADDU email address and password. Again, please make sure that you use your ADDU Gmail for registration. This will signal to us that you are indeed enrolled in ADDU and will make us access your records faster for nomination.

2. BROWSE – Carefully read the program details and review the programs’ contents, length, application deadline, etc. before applying.

3. APPLICATION – Students complete the Application Form in the USCO System for up to five preferred programs and click “Save and Submit”. The USCO System will automatically inform the UMAP coordinators at the home university/institution (ADDU) that an application has been submitted. Applications will be accepted until 21 September 2020.

4. Patiently wait for your application to go through the screening process and receive approval.


– ADDU QPI on the space provided for GPA.

– Do you need language proficiency certification? It varies depending on which university/institution you will be applying into. Our general advice is yes, please do pursue an IELTS/TOEFL certification, this will make your application more competitive. Please check out the IELTS/TOEFL website to see where the test centers are and subscribe to their corresponding processes for testing. Otherwise, upload a PDF that simply states: “No IELTS/TOEFL certification.”

– Since the system also requires a TOR, kindly email registrar@addu.edu.ph to request for an official copy of your Transcript of Records. If they send a soft copy, you may upload that directly to the USCO system. If they send a physical copy, kindly upload a properly scanned version.

5. NOMINATION – ADDU will nominate 2 outbound students per semester. You will know the status of your nomination by 22 Septembre 2020 by email and through the USCO website.

6. ACCEPTANCE – Once nominated by your home institution (ADDU), your application will be screened for approval by both the UMAP International Secretariat and the host institution on the system, you will then need to submit your “Study Plan” later.

 What is the USCO Website

To learn more about the online system that shall assist your UMAP student registration, visit: http://umap.org/usco/
The screenshots on how to navigate the USCO website are indicated in that link. It will also explain the overall flow of your application, which is this:
To know which universities are available for you to apply for, you may download the list here: List of Participating Institutions Program A&B 2020-2 (2nd Cycle)
For a more comprehensive understanding, please download the USCO Student Manual. We encourage all applicants to thoroughly study the manual. This will help address further inquiries regarding the nature of UMAP and its programs.
Good luck with your applications! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!
For other inquiries, you may email us at international@addu.edu.ph.

From other academic institutions

For undergraduate and graduate school students

1. UNICEF Internship Programme 2021

Deadline of Submissions: Varies on the Job Opportunity

For faculty, staff, and alumni

1. ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation Scholarship Opportunities in Russia

Application Period: April 5 – 15, 2021

2. 2022-2023 Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Deadline of Submissions: 15 May 2021

3. Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) – ASEAN PH.D. Fellowship Programme (India)

Deadline of Submissions: 31 March 2021

4.  2021 Admission – Graduate Degree Programs (UNEP – Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development, Tongji University (Shanghai, China)

Application Period: 18 January – 30 April 2021